Love Letters

In Sunday Love Letters, I share my experiences on the path of enchantment, Priestessing, and a love of the Goddess.

I bring a sense of wonder, joy, inspiration and an honouring of the mystery to all that I do.

Practical tools and ways of living an enchanted life:

Bringing the spiritual journey to your everyday life

Witnessing and presence

Accessing your inner wisdom, creativity and purpose

A tarot card or two!

A Gentle Place to Land

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Sometimes all we need is for a group of people to hold us, witness our skin-shedding & believe in our limitless potential.

“You have a way of engaging and making me feel so energized even through email. Your heart & presence seem to come through and it is one of the things I love the most. Your ability to be open, honest & genuine, giving and oh so loving in everything you do and share.”

–Danne Saring

“Vanessa’s work offers an oasis in a hectic full life. Often I get caught up in the busy-ness of my own journey that I forget to take the time to just be, to just revel in the moments. A letter from her takes me back there. I am in her experience for a few moments and that takes me back to my own. It’s magical.”

Kate Robertson