picking up. the pieces, it’s not really a matter of finding them all.

some are best left, crushed into the ground, or lifted and carried by the wind or on a crow’s wing.

-From “there are some things fragile here” in Without Limit: Poems by Vanessa Sage

I was feeling a little unsure of what to say today so I went for a walk on the cliffs near my house. The wind was very present in the air but also soft and warm. Immediately I knew what to say. It was as if I needed the wind to carry away my conscious thoughts so I could get clear.

This week I’ve experienced a profound shift and finally let something go that was so strong in my mind, and had such a powerful hold over me, that I wondered if I would ever be able to release it. Countless conversations with friends and colleagues, cord cutting after cord cutting, burning it all in the fire, even seeking coaching and talking to my mom couldn’t touch it.

In the end, I needed to sit down with myself and write down my truth.

I barely slept this week and I’ve never felt more full of energy!

One thing I realized in this process, is that I need to write more for myself than I have been. Writing has always been my calling since a very young age yet my writing has mostly been living in public for the last four years. That’s a long time.

My creativity cannot survive by only living in public with posts and content creation. The pressure to produce authentic and vulnerable content on social media is huge.

And I do love this kind of sharing. It comes very naturally to me. And it’s not always sustainable or right in the moment. I spent hours and hours writing thinking I needed to share, but in the end, I found that it wasn’t for anyone but me. What a relief!

My soul is so happy right now. I can share the process without the product. I call my energy, creativity and power back to me now! #callitback

And my prayer for you is that all those pieces you may use to beat yourself up with or just can’t let go of?

May they simply lifted and carried by the wind.

May the seagulls, crows, ravens and eagles that fly around me everyday take them for you.

May letting go always be this easy for us all.

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