I’m a very large woman! I don’t look like a supermodel and probably never will. I gained weight a long time ago, lost it, and gained it all back. The reasons don’t really matter to me anymore. This is me now, and I’m damn tired of trying to fit myself into moulds that don’t fit

Loving my body isn’t about trying to make it different.

It’s about loving myself with unconditional kindness (even when I can’t keep up and am out of breath). I want to lead in-person pilgrimages someday and would probably be the slowest walker.

Want to hang out in back with me and stop every 2 minutes to take photos or just smell the air? We wouldn’t cover as much ground but the ground we did cover would know how much it was loved by our attention.

When I was 18 years old I met a few Venuses, and they didn’t look like supermodels either. But they did look like me! My body type was once loved enough to be carved in stone. Hmm…

Venus of Laussel


The ways I have hated my body makes me cry (because really what is a body to do with so much aggression being thrown at it?).

I wrote a Prayer to my Body¬†and it’s still something I come back to. It’s still something I share because it really is that important.

I’m still trying to figure out how to love myself¬†completely.

Opening my heart more to love is at the top of my new year’s list every year.

Being a large woman, a priestess, and a poet in the world that sends me pretty constant messages that I don’t fit in is a daily act of courage. But it’s a life worth living, and I get to decide what messages I listen to.

I’m learning that one of the things I’m meant to do with my short life is to Priestess self-compassion.

My body, my self, and you all deserve unbounded gorgeous beautiful love!

I look like that sweet lady above. Why would I argue with a Goddess? A Venus, no less!

Because, really, I am a Goddess.

And so are you! (…even if/especially if you’re a dude! The Goddess is within and She totally thinks you rock!)