It’s been an exciting day over here! I interviewed Joanna Powell Colbert about the Gaian Tarot! Holy Moly! I think my goofy screenshot says it all!

It was such a great pleasure and honour to speak with Joanna. Her beautiful spirit shines through all of her work.

In this interview Joanna and I chat about the new Schiffer edition of the deck, falling in love with where you live, the women’s spirituality movement, building community, and so much more!

P.S. We were both having unstable internet issues so there a couple of pauses. I decided to keep the pauses in to keep the natural flow of our conversation.

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

Out walking with the Gaian Tarot & My Review

One of the things I love about the Gaian Tarot is that the cards encourage you to get out into the world and connect with the earth. So I did that today. Bringing them outside just felt right. For example, the Seeker on the path took on new meaning for me as I was walking on my own path towards the ocean cliffs.

This deck shows us what a vision of harmony, diversity, body love, and honouring the entire life cycle looks like!

This vision is not only vitally important for our planet right now, it’s full of love, compassion and grace. This deck is an example of what active hope can look like in the world. It’s hope embodied and practiced within the cards.

The deck is also empowering. I see myself in the deck and I see spirit shining through each and every one of the cards. It’s a deck that invites us to deeply commune with the Divine and connect with our human, plant and animal communities. We are the weavers. We are the web!

It’s one of my favourite decks when working with clients because of it’s accessible and emotive imagery. I also use it on my own to reflect and map out new visions for my life.

The Gaian Tarot is a deck that will continue to speak to you as the depth of imagery and symbolic language contained in each image is very rich. I highly recommend the Gaian Tarot!

Joanna Powell ColbertJoanna Powell Colbert has been an artist, teacher, and convener of circles for over thirty years. She was named by SageWoman magazine as one of the Wisdom Keepers of the Goddess Spirituality movement. Joanna teaches workshops and e-courses on earth-centered spirituality, seasonal contemplative practices, creativity as a devotional path, the Divine Feminine, and using tarot as a tool for inner guidance and self-exploration. She joyfully hosts Gaian Soul Retreats several times each year. The Gaian Tarot, nine years in the making, combines her love of symbolic, archetypal art with the mysteries of the natural world. She lives on a small, magical island in the Salish Sea near Bellingham, Washington. There, daily encounters with the mysteries of the natural world continue to inspire and inform her work.

Joanna can be found online here: