Do you ever struggle with wondering if you’re good enough? Or that what you love isn’t okay, socially acceptable, or the kind of thing you can bring up in polite conversation?

I must admit, I’ve come a long way in accepting myself for who I am, and what I love, but there are still days when I question my worth and abilities.

In grad school, we used to call it imposter syndrome. It totally sucks to feel like everyone has it figured out, knows more, or is simply more confident!

Too often that familiar inner critic starts slamming me! Telling me I’m failing. Telling me I don’t know enough, that I’ve made too many mistakes, that I’ll never get it all done! What is it anyway?

And then the Wild Geese poem by Mary Oliver comes into my head:

“You do not have to be good,” a wiser and kinder part of me softly whispers.

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

Like being held by the most loving mother, I can feel myself relaxing through Oliver’s words.

Just simply being is enough. Nothing to prove. Just living and loving what you love is enough.

…And here’s the thing I’ve learned about imposter syndrome. You’d be surprised how many people feel it. Like probably all those people you look up to and think they have it all together, or can do what you want to do, or know what you want to know.⠀

Let’s link our collective hands & be okay with where we are!

You are already good enough.