Ceremony brings us into a deeper relationship with all that is.

At this time of year, we stand in the dark and birth the seed of new life.

This is the Time of Quickening

Of the healing power of light and water.

Of the love of the divine feminine.

We call in our devotion to love all life.

You’re invited to join us during this very special time of year!

This is a FREE event as part of our commitment to serve and offer our love of healing ceremony to all.

You are Whole and Holy 

Your life a Living Prayer



Imbolc (pronounced imolk) is a time of renewal and protection when the seed of the sun that was planted at Winter Solstice begins to stir in the ground.

Imbolc is Brigit’s festival. Brigit (modern Irish spelling) is the ancient Irish Goddess of the hearth, inspiration, and healing. With the coming of Christianity to Ireland, she became St. Brigid (also known as ‘Mary of the Gael’), the most revered Saint in Ireland other than St. Patrick. So, most of the Imbolc customs come from Ireland and places such as the Isle of Man and the Hebrides where there was some Irish influence.

On the eve of Imbolc, Brigit visits and blesses the household. Many Imbolc customs make offerings to Brigit for protection from lightning and fire as well as fertility.

What’s Included:

  • FREE IMBOLC CEREMONIAL WEEK January 27-31, 2020
  • 5 Days of Journey Prompts!
  • Tarot Spreads, GoddessesCeremonial Ideas
  • LIVE Call on January 31st! (recording available)
  • Receive a beautiful PDF e-book of the entire ceremony at the end
  • A Private Community to Share Your Experiences

Dates: January 27-31, 2020
Time Commitment: 10-20 minutes a day + 1-hour Live Zoom call

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January 27 -31, 2020

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May you light your inner fire
May you find healing
May you be blessed


More About Ceremony

A ceremony brings you into a deeper relationship with all that is. During a ceremony, you leave your ordinary life for a time (whether that’s for a few minutes or much longer) and connect with the seen and unseen world.

It’s a way to bring the sacred into your life in a way that your rational thinking mind can recognize.

Sandra Ingerman distinguishes between ritual and ceremony by saying that: “ceremony is performed for a certain outcome, and although it might need to be repeated, it tends to be performed at a specific time for a specific intention” (The Book of Ceremony).

We enter into ceremony to mark important rites of passage in your life and to mark the turning of the seasons. So, that’s what we’re doing this week!

We’re setting the intention to celebrate, honour and mark the turning of the wheel at Imbolc.



Meet Your Guides


Vanessa Sage and Stacy Maskell hold the community space and are both committed to building an enriching, conscious and thriving community based on the principles of love, light, compassion, kindness and respect. Vanessa is the creative director and guiding teacher and brings her 25+ years of experience with her to create engaging, enriching and inspiring experiences. Stacy is beloved in our communities and shares vulnerably and always with a sense of humour!


Our Loving Guest Priestesses

You’ll receive heartfelt inspiration, writing prompts and flower essence suggestions from Kayce and Heather!

They are both Priestesses and have trained with me in Sage Priestess Certification.


Kayce Stevens Hughlett is a tender, a healer, and an artist of being alive who believes in everyday magic and that complex issues often call for simple practices. Her 2019 memoir, SoulStroller: experiencing the weight, whispers, & wings of the world won the prestigious Nautilus Book award and Chanticleer’s Journey award. She is co-creator of SoulStrolling® ~ a movement for mindfulness in motion, and creator of the magical SoulStrolling Inspiration Deck. Raised in the heartland of Oklahoma, she now resides in Seattle, Washington with her family and muse, Aslan the Cat. www.kaycehughlett.com


Heather K Veitch is a Coach, Flower and Vibrational Essence Therapist, Spiritual Companion, and writer living in the Peak District of Derbyshire, UK. She believes in the power of nature to offer us opportunities for healing and change, and to bring us back to ourselves. A firm believer in the innate ability for everyone to be the best version of themselves, she works with individuals who are exploring creativity, spirituality, and inner leadership. http://www.holisticgoddess.co.uk

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Please Note: We will be following the turning based on the Northern Hemisphere. We thank you for understanding.

Artwork featured: “Maiden Bridie” and “Brigid – Guiding Back to the Light” by Wendy Andrew, Mythical Goddess Tarot, Haindl Tarot, The Goddess Oracle