When I first started practicing Buddhism, I became acutely aware that life is precious and you never know how long you have. To me, this means, I have a responsibility to live and love to my fullest, live without regret, and be able to recognize myself in the mirror.

When I’m not betraying myself I also set the intention to not harm others to the best of my ability. And that comes from a sense of inner power that is not dependent on what others think or do or tell me to do.

Others may betray me and I have no control over that but I can decide not to betray myself.

So, stay true to what you know inside to be true for you. Remember your good heart. Keep coming back, over and over again, to your centre.

Climb your own mountains, not other people’s mountains.

And know, that none of us has any idea how long we will be here. Make this moment matter. Be here for yourself now in the best possible way. When you do you can’t help but be of service to others.