Just finished a beautiful beach walk in Port Hood, Nova Scotia. This is my after face. One shot and I don’t care that I’m hot and sweaty.

Before we went for our walk Stacy and I weren’t in great relationship shape. We’ve been diving deep into relationship work, and it’s brought up a lot for both of us. Truthfully, we’ve come close to breaking up. And I share this because I may give you the impression sometimes that we have it all together and the truth is we’re very human working through some tough stuff.

This morning I woke up and we were barely talking. I suggested we drive to the west side of Cape Breton (about 2.5 hours away) and go to the market. We listened to the radio, and about an hour later we started talking about our top 10 albums of all time (look for a post later about that!). Then we started talking about other things and saw about 5 eagles

After the market, we went for a picnic and a walk. Things feel softer now. Gentler. Like we can face things. Nature heals. Love heals.