Sage Priestess Certification Continuation Registration Professional Level

12 Month $288

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For Behind the Magic: Sacred Business

Pay in Full $2888

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Important Information

It’s important for the nature of this work that you set the intention to complete the program.

This is a form of initiation.

Really check in with yourself and see if you can make the commitment to the program at this time.

May this be a renewing, deep, rewarding and transformative experience for you!

We’ve had people complete the program through illness, divorce, job loss, moving, and death in the family. The feedback I’ve received is that the program has helped provide grounding and support through difficult times.

The program is non-refundable once you choose to enrol.

By registering with a monthly plan you are making a commitment to complete all payments.

Shortened payment plans are available upon request but must be completed by the end of the program