I’m sitting here at the end of the day as the rain beats on my windows and the wind howls outside. Tonight the house will shake and we’re just lucky we don’t live in the Highlands because they’re getting a LOT of snow tonight.

I live in a town called Glace Bay, which means Ice Bay. In April the ocean fills with ice while social media is exploding with photos of tulips and daffodils. I get pretty grumpy around that time, which is one of the reasons we went to Greece last spring.

I’ve had a “warm ocean” on my “manifest” list for years. And I’m not giving up on it but I also needed to make the decision to S T A Y. To hold the post assigned to me by nature.

For whatever reason, I was assigned this post on the edge of a cliff by a cold ocean.

I was meant to know how it feels for nature to not meet my expectations in order for me to learn how to love more.

I was meant to learn what safety feels like in a neighbourhood where people don’t always lock their doors.

I was meant to be in a place where I could howl with the wind in order to heal.

I was meant to learn a kind of intimacy with this place that you can only learn by staying and holding the post.

And I will hold the post to the best of my ability until I’m assigned a new post.

May it be so.