Walk with the Goddess in deep devotion and celebration

Join us for an ease-filled, nurturing experience with sacred devotional time just for you. Take part in modern-day womxn’s circles rooted in ancient devotional calendars.

There is a necessary reclaiming and remembering that is deeply healing on the path of the Goddess. You are worthy to see the Divine in your own image.

What if you could truly experience and embody the Goddess this year?

  • Learn about the Goddess and many of her guises and why she is more important than ever in our modern world.
  • Enter a sanctuary where you are invited to be yourself, find peace, and love what you love.
  • Discover ways to deepen your spiritual practice.
  • Build compassion and resiliency as you work with your Goddess guides.
  • Share in communal space and be part of a ceremonial group.
  • Connect with other like-minded sisters on the path.

Are you ready to open your heart to the Goddess?

Join this Special Series of Devotionals
March 23-25 & April 19-21, 2022

Two 3 day Devotionals aligned with
Spring Equinox & Beltane

Join us in sacred space, where you will be lovingly guided in a series of Goddess Devotionals taking place during key turnings of the year and times of ancient mystery. Journey to the heart of Hathor, Venus/Aphrodite and more.

Each devotional includes:

  1. Somatic Workshop with Maya Phoenix
  2. Ceremony & Embodiment with Stacy Maskell & Tatjana Kozak
  3. Full Kundalini Yoga Class with SaraMarie

Global Online. Unlimited Replays. Calls start at noon Eastern time.

March 23-25

April 19-21


Connect with Maya

For hundreds of years, Western thought has separated the mind and body.  Somatic work seeks to repair this separation and integrate the body and self in order to facilitate the deep personal and collective healing that is so needed on this planet at this time. In this workshop, we will expand our understanding of the soma and begin to reawaken and remember our somatic awareness in a safe and gentle container.

We will explore ways to access somatic healing through a multidimensional approach integrating meditation, gentle movement, tarot, energy work, intuitive writing and song.  Drawing on our personal and collective power as healers, we will co-create a portal for deep expansion into ourselves, our community, and our connection to the earth.

Please bring a candle to set sacred space, a journal and pen, your tarot deck if available, your favorite beverage, and wear comfortable clothing that you can move and breathe in.

Accessibility options will be provided as needed.  If you have questions or need accommodations to access the workshop, please contact us.


Activate Your Energy with SaraMarie

Aquarian Yoga for everyBODY!

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. In that timespan, many different interpretations and styles have been developed.

Although each school or tradition of yoga has its own emphasis and practices, most focus on bringing together body, mind and breath as a means of altering energy or shifting consciousness.

Aquarian Yoga is centered around Kundalini breathwork, activations and technologies. We fuse a deep appreciation of ancient yogic teachings with more modern somatic modalities.

During our Aquarian Yoga practice, you are warmly welcomed to connect to the Kundalini energy within. Raising or activating Kundalini energy is a powerful experience that lands differently in everybody. Aquarian Yoga honors individual timing and takes a trauma-informed approach. We hold a gentle, safe space for exploration and all exercises can be modified for accessibility.

Participants are encouraged to set up a comfortable movement space the size of a yoga mat. We will be seated for 90% of the experience and will end with a Shavasana, a deep relaxation that is typically done laying down.

Please bring a cushion, water or tea, and a handkerchief (we will be breathing a lot through the nose!) Comfortable, natural fiber clothing is also recommended.

Your Devotional  Guides

Maya Phoenix

Stacy Maskell

Tatjana Kozak


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May your devotion bring infinite rewards

Our vision and mission are to change the vibration of the planet by creating conscious and thriving communities, supporting vital leadership, reclaiming the sacred in all forms, and bringing us back to a soul-centred animate world of wonder worth living in.
YOU are part of that. May we weave a new future.