Go back to Glastonbury,
I heard myself say

Feel the energy of the
sacred landscape in your cells again

Let go of who you think you are
You have a Great Goddess within

It is not so complicated
Your life is not an equation to solve

Go back to the Goddess
She will nurture and love you
She will help you see

She will help you dance

You know how to travel
from shadow to light


Seek out beauty once more, and share it with the world.

Tor Collage

I wrote this in March when I had no idea that I would be going to Glastonbury this summer on my own personal pilgrimage. When I wrote it, I thought I would go back maybe in a few years…or five.

And then I decided to lead a pilgrimage to Glastonbury next year.
And then my partner suggested I go by myself this year.

I can’t begin to describe the gift she gave me in that moment.

And then my entire life started to shift.

And it all started with the longing.
The courage to speak and to listen.

It began with the casting of a spell…