I have a magnet on my fridge that I bought in Newfoundland, as I was just starting my MA, that says, “Destined to be an Old Woman Without Regrets.” While I can’t guarantee the old woman part (can only hope life is kind) I can choose to live without regrets!

To that end, I have a story to share…

This week I celebrated my 8 year coming out anniversary. I had my own parade! Well, not really. What I did do was go for a walk, met some swans and journaled all day.

“I am discovering my powerful, female, knows what-she-wants, and what-she-knows, and who-she-is self.” Photos from the past eight years as I decided to listen to myself

Or shall I say I tried to journal all day. I mean I had my journal on my person, and pulled it out a bunch of times, and stared at the page managing to get a few thoughts out each time.

I view this day as my truth telling day!

How is that for some pressure? Naturally leads to a bit of writers block! Still, it is important for me to take this time to myself and check in. You know?

Check-in time goes kind of like this:

“Hey, inner self, how are you doing? I am listening? Is there something you want me to hear that I’m not hearing?”

Inner self says something wise while I’m in a loud coffee shop listening to music with Facebook and three sites open.

“What was that? It’s a bit noisy in here.”

Go to the water! I’ll tell you again.

Cue: Me walking to water. …and then I get it.

Right, I need to remember to live without regret. No fear. Just a big yes!

Sometimes my poor inner wise self has a lot of walls to break through in order to be heard. And I’m ready to listen, I really am because life is too short not to!

Is there something you’ve been trying to tell yourself and been working really hard not to hear?

Do you have messages in plain sight that can help point the way?

Hint: Look at your fridge! There’s some good stuff there!

Get thee to some water! Whatever that is for you.

For me, it is actual water. For you, it might be the quiet of the morning before everyone wakes up.

And sometimes that noisy coffee shop is actually just what you need. There’s even an app for that!

I’d love to hear what your inner wise self is saying! I know you have some pretty amazing stuff just waiting to come out!