This series explores what it is like to be a spiritual seeker and Priestess in the 21st century.

Is there more direct access to the Divine in the world now? 

I’m interviewing women involved in my Priestess Training Program to find out!


I am a highly sensitive earth lover dedicated to compassionate service. I am a teacher and a lifelong learner with a passion for people, plants, animals, art, stories, ritual and magic. I am committed to the evolution and empowerment of human beings through the cultivation of healing relationships with the earth and all of her inhabitants.

Some of the biggest transformational changes I have experienced have through the process of healing from trauma and loss.

These experiences cracked me open,

Allowing me to truly see and to honor

The sacredness of the earth and all beings.

I have developed a sense of purpose which is very centered in compassion. This has become a compass for me, which guides everything else that unfolds in my life. I’ve deepened my sense of trust in my own intuition and body wisdom. I have connected with so many beautiful people on this path, and my relationships have become deeper, more profound, and more vital.

Time, reflection, and determination. I have found that as I walk my path, I come closer to the truth of who I am. Finding a sense of purpose, cultivating my passions and gifts, and trusting my intuition have been guiding lights for me.

I also think that finding community that resonates with me and reflects back to me in a positive way has been a huge part of feeling confident in being my authentic self and sharing it with others.


I see spirituality as something that is always evolving and never static. I have a holistic perspective that I think is really important medicine in today’s world.

I believe that personal experience, intuition, and traditional knowledge and science are

All integral to understanding our universe, our existence and our purpose.

I have a deep respect for cultural and religious traditions worldwide and draw from a diverse set of perspectives as my own understanding of spirituality progresses. I truly love people and I love the earth.

I have a strong commitment to social justice that both springs from and motivates my spiritual work.

One thing I have struggled with a lot is integrating my spiritual life into the rest of my life. I have had a connection to earth magic from the time I was a young child, but I was raised with an atheistic and intellectual perspective on the world. It took me a long time to come into my own spiritually. Even now, I find it hard to open up about my spiritual beliefs to people who don’t share them. When you have an eclectic set of beliefs and practices that are not endorsed by mainstream society, it can be challenging to come out of the closet and show up in the world as your whole self.

I love that this question uses the word “claim” because that is what you have to do. You claim it.

You recognize your own divinity, and you honor it.

One of my teachers has a mantra that goes, “I am grateful to claim….” So, with a sense of gratitude, and a whole lot of fire, I say “I am grateful to claim empowerment.” Boom. Just like that.

There’s a lot of factors that go into feeling empowered, but I think that the willingness to assert your claim to empowerment is really at the heart of it.


Yes. Understanding ritual and learning to create my own has been a very important part of my spiritual evolution. One of the major turning points in my spiritual path came when I had experienced a recent loss, and a very special person in my life suggested that I do a ritual to help me process my feelings. This sparked something within me, and I finally got what ritual was all about.

These days, I engage in ritual to honor and connect with many aspects of life, including the wheel of the year, moon cycles, rites of passage, ancestors, and community.

Sometimes my rituals are more elaborate, but often they are really simple, like writing an intention on a slip of paper or looking at the moon and saying “thank you.”


May Air move through you,
Opening spaces to be filled with beauty and light,
So you may communicate with love and compassion to all beings.
May Fire light the flame of creativity within you,
Inspiring you to action and purpose,
So you may share your creative gifts with the world.
May Water hold and heal you,
Cleansing your wounds and offering sacred teachings,
So you may guide others on the path of healing.
May the Earth nourish and support you,
Giving you all you need and more,
So you may give selflessly with abundance.
May Spirit lift you up,
Transcending time and space,
So you may become all that you are.