This series explores what it is like to be a spiritual seeker and Priestess in the 21st century.

Is there more direct access to the Divine in the world now? 

I’m interviewing women involved in my Priestess Training Program to find out!

I said yes. I’ve said yes to many things that challenge me; marriage, public speaking, carnival rides and swimming with sharks, so it is not surprising that I find myself in the curious position of writing a piece for a blog. I find it ironic that I was drawn to Vanessa and her particular Priestess training through her words and imagery and now one of the first things I am doing is writing for her… Ahhhh this is my life and I love it for the challenges I say yes to…

So here goes it….

I want to say that I see myself as a woman with potential. That sounds so empowering, and it is true that when centred and reflective. I KNOW that I am connected to everything. However, most days I am just striving to put my laundry away before the next washday.

What are some transformational changes you‘ve experienced on your spiritual path?

I’ve sought out many experiences along the way. Here are some of the “highlights:”

  • I have enjoyed participating in past life regressions. I’ve laughingly said that it was cheaper than a vacation; with some of my favourite “trips” being to middle Europe!
  • I was a member of a women’s circle and to the stars where even now, the memory has me still tingling with vibrational energy.
  • I became involved with reiki and I found I enjoyed “opening” to the energy and setting intentions.
  • Lastly, I began taking drum journeys and interacting with guides in other realms. In each journey I always grounded myself – literally- with a mother goddess.
  • And then I put everything spiritual on hold, concentrating on my physical being; participating in many forms of dance and movement until I settled on hoop dancing. Oh has that ben fun! Now I realize that I have these cycles; mental/physical, movement/stillness and I find myself flowing more easily between, know the next is sure to come

What has helped you be your authentic self?

Trying everything and discarding those things/distancing myself from those people that don’t feel right.

What have you struggled with on the spiritual path?

Time and interest. It takes time to connect, to do and to reflect. My interest shifts to something new and my attention follows.

How do you claim a sense of empowerment?

I open my hands and receive.

Do you have a spiritual practice that incorporates ritual or ceremony?

I attempt to incorporate intention into the most basic practices of my day. For example: I start my day with a fun/sweet cat/kitten Facebook video to set a lighthearted tone for my day. I speak to the water coming from the shower head and ask for it’s help in strengthening my boundaries. I use the time when I am blow drying my hair to look into the mirror and send loving messages to myself. I attempt to slow down and be present and aware throughout the day. I try to fill my day with beauty; whether it be experienced directly or through imagery, it soothes me.


To me, becoming/being a Priestess means living with intention regarding the interconnectedness of all things.

A Priestess uses her intention to influence the energy around her;

She is part of the whole and the whole of a part.

Mary Boyvey

Mary lives with her husband and a houseful of cats. She enjoys gardening, knitting and sharing hula hoops with others. This picture is a little old, but she likes how she looks and it was a great day so she keeps using it…..she now has grey hair….but that could change!


This picture of Mary makes me smile! Yes, Priestesses totally hula hoop!

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