I’ve been thinking about balance and the moment before we shift towards the dark. For a brief moment dark and light are balanced. I think about what I’m releasing, what I’m bringing in and what I already have.

The big shift for me has been in my increased willingness to allow myself to feel vulnerable, go to the dark places, and know that the light is always there.

There has been less grasping and more of a sense of flow.

I can see this theme coming out in my Autumn Equinox card reading. In the Mary-el Tarot, the 7 of Cups and the 7 of Wands represent the two horses of the Chariot. The dark and the light. The fear and the soul’s faith in the Divine.

My fear of the dark is decreasing while I am beginning to have an open-wide trust in the Universe.

I love the image in the 4 of Wands and how it reminds me of the trees turning colour in autumn! It speaks to passion, desire and creative energy!




As I sit here in our new East Coast home I cannot believe all that we’ve harvested. We chose to take steps towards our dreams instead of reacting to life circumstances out of fear.

And while there is still some instability in our lives (can we ever say we’re really stable?), I cannot even begin to count the blessings, joys and ways I am grateful.

I’d love to know how you are working with the energies of this season!

Want to try this reading yourself? Here’s my Spread. It’s all about balance!

  1. Balancing the Dark: What’s decreasing? What are you ready to release?
  2. Balancing the Light: What’s increasing? What are you letting in?
  3. What is your personal harvest from the season? Take stock of what you already have.

While the autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is a time of decreasing light, we still ask about the light. Even in the dark there is still light.

As you do the spread, ask yourself how does the light and dark work in relationship to each other in my life?

I’d love to hear how it goes! Post in the comments below or snap a photo and use #enchantyourtarot on Instagram!