Dark Goddess


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Join us for an immersive Dark Goddess Devotional as the veil thins

At this time of year, come stand at the threshold and surrender.

Honour your ancestors and meet the Dark Goddess.

Meet yourself as you are and discover your true sovereignty.

It is time to call in your devotion to love all of life.

Step Through the Threshold

During this Dark Goddess Devotional, You will be Lovingly Guided on a Very Special Journey of:

Sacred Warriorship and Revolutionary Power at the crossroads and threshold of a New World.

Your journey to Courage, Wholeness and Clarity will take place by the illumination of the Full Blue Moon and on the high holy day of Samhain.

The Three Day Dark Goddess Devotional Includes:

Embrace Your Sacred Warriorship with Sekhmet

Claim Your Revolutionary Power with Kali

Celebrate Samhain / Full Moon in Taurus with Hecate and Cerridwen

You’ll Also Receive a 20p+ Samhain Ritual Workbook with:

  • Altar Suggestions

  • Seasonal Living Prompts

  • Ceremonial Practices

  • Samhain Tarot Spread

This devotional is part of our commitment to serve and offer our love of healing ceremony to all.

Step into Safe and Sacred Space

Women all around the globe are opening their hearts to a new way of showing up in deepest devotion and true Divine Feminine leadership. They are stepping into their light and sharing their wisdom with courage and strength.

They are opening their hearts to the Priestess within even when it feels like stepping into unfamiliar territory. They are finding Her presence in every aspect of their lives and are finding new ways to serve that truly lift each other up.

You are part of this great movement of women who are taking their power back through tender and wild-hearted strength.

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Our vision and mission are to change the vibration of the planet by creating conscious and thriving communities and YOU are a part of that.

Thank you for being here.

Your Dark Goddess Guide

Dr. Vanessa Sage is a cultural anthropologist, Priestess and poet who supports women to step into their light and share their wisdom with courage and strength.

Her work focuses on mindful compassionate leadership as she guides a global reemergence, reclamation and cultural shift in Divine Feminine consciousness.

She has a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from McMaster University, and over the course of her 10-year academic career, she studied: Buddhism, pilgrimage, and pagan spiritualities as an anthropologist of religion.

Vanessa follows an earth path and honours the ancient lineage of serving the Goddess as part of a reclamation of the sacred in all forms.

With over 25 years of experience on multiple alternative spiritual paths, she’s emerged as a spiritual leader who serves hundreds of people from around the world in transformational multi-level programs and high-level mentoring.

She has a background in insight meditation, authentic and connected marketing, soul-centred online education and trained as a neuropsychology and positive psychology life coach.

Vanessa is especially interested in (but not limited to) exploring European, Indo-European and Ancient Mediterranean cultural lineages as they pertain to Goddess worship, the Divine Feminine, Priestessing, Gnostic Christianity, Western Esotericism, Paganism, Mysticism and Animism.

She offers Sage Priestess Certification, Behind the Magic: Sacred Business Mentorship, and Sage Intuitive Tarot School to help you enchant your everyday, bring your imagination to life, and listen to the wild edges of your soul!

Decks Pictured: Druidcraft Tarot (trimmed) and the Weavers Oracle. I highly recommend these decks.

Image Credits: Hecate or the Three Fates, by William Blake, Sekhmet By Rehan, Kali under construction By Xopolino, Kali as the Supreme Deity By Walters Art Museum. Other photos were taken by Vanessa Sage and Stacy Maskell © All Rights reserved.