Follow the red thread through the labyrinth of your soul to

Soft sands, turquoise waters, and bees drinking nectar from wild thyme.

Crete is uniquely situated at a crossroads in the Mediterranean and has it’s own vibrant, rich and sensual rhythm.

It’s the home of the Minoans (3500-1250 BCE), a peaceful and egalitarian society, where the Goddess was honoured and celebrated.

We will immerse ourselves in this powerful landscape together as we reweave new possibilities for our lives and our world.

In addition to visiting sacred sites, we’ll be sharing:

  • Flow Motion Yoga & Chanting with Damon Givehand
  • Meditation & Mindfulness with Stacy Maskell
  • Creative Exploration, Journaling, Art, Bookbinding & Poetry with Kiala Givehand
  • Tarot, Ritual, Priestessing, and Spiritual Self-Discovery with Vanessa Sage

Coming Spring, 2020!

Join Vanessa Sage, Stacy Maskell, Kiala and Damon Givehand on a Creative Spiritual Pilgrimage to this sacred land this spring!


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