Cosmic Priestess Workshops

Dive into Lunar Wisdom

Journey to the Akashic Records

Explore Your Astrological Blueprint &

Discover Your Body is a Universe

You’re invited to join the Sage Priestess Community to take part in two very special workshops. 

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You are Whole and Holy.
Your Life a Living Prayer.

Feel the Pulse of the Cosmos

During these Cosmic Priestess Workshops, You will be Lovingly Guided on a Very Special Journey of:

Embodied Holiness and Soul Wisdom

As you unlock the keys of your Body & Higher Self

Your Two Days of Workshops Include:

Day 1 – Dive into Lunar Wisdom, Journey to the Akashic Records, and Explore Your Astrological Blueprint

With M. Ruth McCants, Ph.D., Vix Maxwell & April McMurtry

Learn about the history of lunar calendars along with Venus. Gain an embodied sense of the moon including movement and creative practice.

Journey into the Akashic Records to reclaim lost wisdom and remember the ancient wisdom held within your soul/higher self. Work with your past lives to live your highest destiny.

The basic keys for decoding and unlocking your unique “potential” coded into the Astrology chart will be revealed. Find out how to use Astrology as a powerful, intuitive, creative, self-awareness “Focus Advisory” source for intuitive guidance and wisdom.

Day 2 – Your Body is a Universe Workshop

With Labyrinth Mentors Maya Caldwell, Tatjana Kozak & Stella Stathi

Our bodies are sacred, just as the earth is sacred.  When we experience ourselves as fully embodied, we deepen our connection to the earth, and to life itself.  Join us as we explore a variety of embodiment practices designed to reconnect us to the inherently divine nature of our bodies.  We will combine practices of movement, meditation, ritual, and intuitive knowing to remember and reclaim the holiness of our physical experience.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn what embodiment is and why it is important in our spiritual lives

  • Explore the history and context of selected embodiment practices

  • Invoke the goddess archetypes of the Black Madonna, Sophia, and Shekhinah (Shechina) to support your embodiment work

  • Be guided through a variety of embodiment practices including sacred dance, anointing, and body-based meditation

  • Remember and reclaim the sacredness of your embodied experience

  • Hear the stories of your sisters as they share about their embodiment journeys, and be invited to share your own

Both Days are Hosted and Loving held by Vanessa Sage, PhD

Step into Safe and Sacred Space

Women all around the globe are opening their hearts to a new way of showing up in deepest devotion and true Divine Feminine leadership. They are stepping into their light and sharing their wisdom with courage and strength.

They are opening their hearts to the Priestess within even when it feels like stepping into unfamiliar territory. They are finding Her presence in every aspect of their lives and are finding new ways to serve that truly lift each other up.

You are part of this great movement of women who are taking their power back through tender and wild-hearted strength.

Join the Cosmic Priestess Workshops

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Our vision and mission are to change the vibration of the planet by creating conscious and thriving communities and YOU are a part of that.

Thank you for being here.

Your Workshop Guides

Your Host

Dr. Vanessa Sage is a cultural anthropologist, Priestess and poet who supports women to step into their light and share their wisdom with courage and strength.

She offers Sage Priestess Certification, Behind the Magic: Sacred Business Mentorship, and Sage Intuitive Tarot School to help you enchant your everyday, bring your imagination to life, and listen to the wild edges of your soul!