When I was growing up I didn’t know anyone who was out of the closet. There were no high school clubs, tv shows or movies I knew about. No one to show me or tell me that who I was was okay.

I remember having major crushes on girls and shoving it aside as nothing.

I remember coming home in my first year of university and asking my mother what she would think if I was a lesbian. It wasn’t the best reaction. I forgive and love her. Her love for me actually helped me come out many years later and she loves my partner like a daughter.

I came out late in life. I was over 30 and married. I wish I hadn’t hurt him and am grateful for his continued love and support. I honour our time together.

Today is national coming out day and the truth is I come out every day. I pass as straight if I’m by myself or I don’t tell you. It means that I have a choice when others don’t. And I choose to come out over and over again because not everyone can. And it has also meant that I have felt invisible at times in the world and in my own community.

And it’s not everything about me but I do wonder what my life would have been like if being who I am had been modelled for me when I was younger. If there had been clubs and support and kissing on tv. ⠀

We have so much farther to go. So many injustices that still exist. And today I celebrate who I am. I celebrate everyone in the growing alphabet community! Seen and unseen. I see you and I love you!