Slow Ceremonial Year

Wheel of the Year

You’re invited to join the Slow Ceremony Community this year, to travel through the Wheel of the Year together. Ceremony brings us into a deeper relationship with all that is. You will delight in the shifting and changing of seasons. Honour your cycles and experience them reflected in the world around you, build altars, Meet Goddesses, draw cards and celebrate in community!

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Dates: Winter Solstice: December 16-20, Imbolc: January 27-30, Spring Equinox: March 16-20, Beltane: April 27-May 1




Behind the Magic: 9 Week Sacred Business Mentorship

In Session: Next Start Date October 1, 2020

Behind the Magic is a 9-week sacred business course (PLUS 3 integration weeks) for spiritual creatives who want to live the life of their dreams with purpose, confidence and joy! I work with you to create a lasting, sustainable and prosperous businesses. I combine grounded strategy, authentic and connected marketing, and some serious magic to support you in your vision of success and freedom.

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Crete Pilgrimage

April 11-20, 2020

Crete is the vibrant, rich and sensual home of the ancient Minoans, a peaceful and egalitarian society where the Goddess was honoured and celebrated. We will immerse ourselves in this powerful landscape together as we reweave new possibilities for our lives and our world. Join Vanessa Sage, Stacy Maskell, Kiala and Damon Givehand on a Creative Spiritual Pilgrimage to this sacred land this spring!

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Sage Priestess Certification

In Session: Next Enrolment June 2020-May 2021

Sage Priestess Certification is an embodied personal initiation into the mysteries and mindful compassionate spiritual leadership program. It’s an in-depth 200-hour training perfect for highly sensitive empaths. It’s an investment in your magic and a space that truly honours and encourages you to fully shine in the world.

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3Y Sage Intuitive Tarot School

In Session: Next Enrolment TBA

Our school is founded on the principle that tarot is an initiatory practice and healing tool that serves to deepen your connection to yourself and others. You will find, with consistent practice and a commitment to our community container, that you grow in confidence and strength. When you join the school, you are becoming part of something bigger: You are choosing to shift your perspective and serve all you come in contact with.

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