When I took this photo this morning I thought there is no way I’m keeping it let alone sharing it.

I’ve been asking each day, as I sit at my altar, what wants to come forward. Today, it was what I didn’t want to share. Didn’t want to show.

There is a wildness that lives in me that wants out.

Choices I know are coming that must be made. Ways I know I must add my voice to the issues facing our world, and how I worry what I have to say won’t be popular.

But that’s the thing about stepping into your power. It won’t be welcomed or comfortable for everyone and it will smash the projections people have of who they think you are or should be.

Painful doors have led me to choose to live consciously in the light. There are parts of me I wish I could tear out and make not true but, in order to be free, I must love it all. I must love it all in me and in the world. Forgive it all. In me and in the world.

My inner dark goddess rages at the ways we tear each other up.

How we rip each other to shreds in the name of making a better world. It is not better if that’s the way. I don’t believe we need to burn it all to the ground to start anew.

I believe we need to plant gardens so we know what it is to tend to something. Stand on mountains so we know what it is to be small. Care for ourselves and each other so we know what it is to love and heal.