I’ve been thinking lately about how, in Peter Pan, the only way to bring Tinker Bell back to life is to believe in her. Why have I been thinking about Tinker Bell you may wonder? Well, I had a strange thing happen while I was writing a few weeks back. I write every day now. Daily writing is really changing my life!

I was having a conversation with the wise part of myself in my journal (as you do), and she asked me to believe in fairies. Now, I don’t often tell myself to believe in fairies (even though I do). I’ve always thought of myself as a very grounded, even downright sceptical, kind of spiritual person.

Which has never really made a lot of sense to me but there you have it.

But here’s the thing: I believe in fairies.

I believe in a Great Divine Spirit.

And I know Her as the Goddess.

And I see Her in the earth and the vast waters and the field daises.

I believe that there’s an Otherworld and that I can travel to it.

I believe in the power of energy and enchantment in the world!

I believe that when my inner wise self says something to me I better listen because those times when I haven’t, well, let’s just say bad things happened.

In essence, I was asking myself to BE ALL IN!

All in with the magic!

All in with serving the Goddess!

All in with the everyday mysterious world of fairy!

I do believe in fairies.

And you know what? Life has never been better!