Behind the Magic

Sacred Business Program

A 9-Week Group Mentorship to Priestess Your Business

February 15-April 18, 2021

Are you seeking confidence and clarity in your creations?

How would it feel to  generate freedom and abundance in your business?

Are you ready to take your business to the  next level?

How would it feel to live the life of your dreams with purpose, confidence and joy?

I work with you to create a lasting, sustainable and prosperous business.

You’ll combine grounded strategy, connected marketing, and some serious magic!

Heart-Centred, Soul-Led, Conscious Business Leaders
You Are Needed More than Ever!

Are You READY to Step into Your Vision of Success and Freedom?

Top Highlights of What You’ll Discover:

  • Get crystal clarity about who you are, what you love and what you stand for

  • Truly understand who you serve and why beyond the “customer avatar”

  • Approach your branding from a soul level

  • Have an actionable roadmap for your aligned marketing

  • Learn ways to make social media work for you (not the other way around)

  • Strategies to build and nurture your list

  • Launch plans that work for your offers and products

  • Create a menu of offerings that make sense to you and your customer

  • Learn energy management practices to stay organized and get things done

  • Learn strategies for pricing and how to create containers for money to come and stay in your life

An Incredible Online Comunity to Inspire and Cheer You On!

Plus, Get Access to My Growing Resource Library

You can live in business flow, have a healthy client base, and cultivate financial stability

While doing what you’re passionate about!

Who’s Behind the Magic For?

  • You’re ready to start a business
  • You want to take your business to the next level
  • You have a BIG VISION & want to take meaningful action
  • You’ve burnt out and are ready for more vitality
  • You’re changing careers and want a life of deep meaning
  • You want to make money in love and service
  • You want to claim your independence
  • You’re a leader in your field and are READY to SHINE!

Whatever mistakes you think you’ve made in your life, career or finances I want you to know that no matter what has happened in your life, your future is still in front of you.

If you’re feeling trapped, exhausted or have lost hope, I’m here to say it can change when you’re willing to live in magic!

Running your own business is a  doorway into personal and spiritual meaning as well as social and collective healing.

Hi, I’m Vanessa Sage, PhD and My Best Friend Calls Me a Magician!

A decade ago I was a graduate student writing papers that turned into poems while wearing black cons on my walks through the magic of the city. All I wanted was to recognize myself in the mirror.

If you’d told me then that I’d be running a multi-level year-long Sage Priestess Certification® program, a 3-year Tarot School and 1:1 mentorships for creatives and leaders in the spiritual and personal development fields, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I dreamed of creating, building and growing a prosperous business where I honoured my spirit and guided others to find connection, mystery and joy in their lives.

In the first two years of business, I made a total of $150 and in each of the last two years, the business has exceeded six-figures without a large list. I only say this to let you know it’s possible when you run the marathon, not the race.

I’ve been scared and tried to fit myself into box after unforgiving box. I didn’t want to step on toes, shine too brightly, or even be seen at all.

Now, I’m happy to say I love the person I see in the mirror, have been able to work while travelling for significant periods of time, and I lead a sustainable expanding heart-centred company specializing in high-touch online educational experiences, with a growing team and concrete plans for decks, books, in-person retreats and pilgrimages.

After gently and compassionately leading groups of beautiful souls from around the world, I’ve watched the work ripple out in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

These incredibly brave humans have become great and loving vehicles of service in the world.

Many are industry leaders now with their own programs, healing centres and practices. Many keep the soul work they do to themselves as they enrich the lives of people they touch in their day-to-day. I’ve witnessed them be who they are without apology!

I Cannot Wait to See What Magic YOU Will Make!

Authentic Business Expression and Aligned Action

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

We BEGIN February 15, 2021

Pay in Full $999

3 Payments of $333

This group will only be open to a limited number of people so that we can give you our attention and care!

(Several Spots Are Already Filled)

Limited Partial Scholarships Are Available!

There are a very limited number of partial scholarships available. While these are open to everyone, we particularly invite people in genuine financial need (unemployed or underemployed), those transitioning from traditional employment to entrepreneurship, and those who are financially impacted by systemic marginalization. We request that you consider carefully before applying for these partial scholarships so that these spaces can be given to those most in need. Click Here to Register.

We're So Excited to Share Behind the Magic with You!

My partner Stacy and I hold the community space together.

We're committed to building an enriching, conscious and thriving community based on the principles of love, compassion, kindness and respect.

This group will only be open to a limited number of people so that we can give you our attention and care.

We show up for you!

READ the FAQ: There's Some Serious Magic in Here!

YAY *Kermit Flails* I'm so excited! After you register you'll receive a welcome email right away to the email attached to your payment.

If you don't receive your welcome email please contact us at so we can get it to you!

Great question! My programs are designed to make sure that you get dedicated attention. I'm a highly sensitive empath and know what it's like to feel easily overwhelmed by large groups of people.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to nurture aligned connections. You may meet your next collaborative partner, tea buddy, or simply be inspired to see that the life your dreams of is possible! Check Out THIS INTERVIEW and be prepared to be amazed! This program will give you the space to do just that.

I hear you and I've been there. You are about to join an experience that will be a joy to take part in. Honestly, I don't want to re-create the wheel. I share all the hard-won lessons I've learned along the way with you. My aim is that this is the course that makes ALL the difference!

The LIVE component of this course ensures that you have space to receive valuable coaching and guidance, the community aspect of the course (and the cap in enrolment) means you'll connect with incredible people, and I am here for you personally every step of the way. Have a question? Ask and it will be included in the weekly Q&A videos. This ensures that what you need will be addressed! How exciting is that?

Oh dear one, I understand. Starting a business involves a lot of effort, especially at the beginning. I will share tools, prompts and ideas and then you take it completely at your own pace. Remember to honor your own timing and speed. You run your own race and don't let anyone ever tell you that you're not going fast enough. We will regularly celebrate every single step you take. They all matter!

First of all, thank you for being here. I know what it's like to build an expanding business and be unsure where to turn. I'm a lifelong learner and it's a powerful vulnerable thing to continue to grow and learn! We will cover some business basics, but at every step of the way, you're encouraged to start where you are, deepen into what you've already created, and lean into your best next step.

I've worked with many industry leaders and all of their businesses have grown as a result. I believe we all have valuable things to learn from each other and I welcome you wholeheartedly into the space.

Oh do I relate to this! I'm not going to lie, working on your business takes time and consistent dedication. This is an intensive program to inspire you to take action!

This business course is designed to propel you forward to create the life of your dreams. You'll be encouraged to block out time for your business each week in a way that works for you. Additionally, I recommend giving yourself 2-4 hours a week for course content and calls.

We will also cover good practices for energy managementavoiding burnout, and staying calm and focused under pressure. This could very well be the course that changes your life.

That sounds super uncomfortable! Here's the straight-up truth: your life is your own and you do not owe it to anyone in order to be in business. If standing naked on a rock is your thing, go for it! If you prefer to keep your personal life to yourself you can still do this! We'll dive deeper into what vulnerability can look like for you in the program but at no point will you be asked to do anything that doesn't 100% feel good to you.

I'm so happy you're interested in the program! There are a very limited number of partial scholarships available. While these are open to everyone, we particularly invite people in genuine financial need (unemployed or underemployed), those transitioning from traditional employment to entrepreneurship, and those who are financially impacted by systemic marginalization. We request that you consider carefully before applying for these partial scholarships so that these spaces can be given to those most in need.

This course addresses a need within our community to make my business mentorship more accessible by offering it as a group course.

I understand that it can be a big deal to invest in your business. This course will help you reduce significant costs in your business by giving you the support to take the reins of your website, branding, and copy. These services alone add up quickly.

No matter what you decide, I completely honor your choice. I simply invite you to sit down and think about what giving yourself this 9 weeks to jump-start your business could do for you long-term.

Straight up: your return on investment will completely depend on how dedicated and committed you are to your business. This program supports your business.

While I cannot promise any specific return on investment, a general rule of thumb is that any investment you make in your business should yield at least 10 times what you've put in. It may take longer than you'd like (believe me, I've been there) but do consider what's possible for you in 2021!

Going beyond the immediate future, the aim of the program is for you to have long-term freedom. What would you do? What choices would you make? What dreams would become a reality?

Calls schedule will be announced after registration. All calls are recorded if you can't attend live. Watching the recording is still participating in the program.

We'll meet on Zoom. This is free and simple for you to use. We will be able to see and hear each other, which makes it very similar to an in-person class. I love it! You will have an opportunity to ask questions and get to know each other. All of these calls will be recorded.

You have lifetime access to all pre-recorded Videos, PDFs and Q&A videos in our online platform. The Facebook group will remain open for six months after the completion of the program.

Given the intimate nature of the live group connection calls, we archive them after six months. We find that our communities appreciate the space to share freely knowing that these live calls are not downloadable and out there forever. Sharing about your business can be tender and deep work. We're committed to giving you as safe a place as possible to share vulnerably and receive guidance and support as you grow your business.

Everything you need to take the course is provided. You will need access to a computer and an internet connection.

All prices are quoted in USD. Your currency is automatically converted for you at checkout

Program is non-refundable once you choose to enrol. By registering with a monthly plan you are making a commitment to complete all payments. Really check in with yourself and see if you can make the commitment to the program at this time. We want this to be a good fit for you. Please reach out if you have any questions.


I do not promise any cure and this program is not intended to be a replacement for licensed legal, financial, medical care or prescribed therapies. Please follow the laws and rules that govern your place of residence and citizenship when conducting business. I will share my thoughts about pricing and the "energy of money" but do not give financial or legal advice. Also, please follow the advice of your doctors and counsellors for all medical treatments, prescribed remedies and for any and all mental health, physical health and emotional health problems or concerns.


All photos are my own and were taken by my partner Stacy Maskell or myself. We reserve the rights to these photographs.

Decks Featured:

Red Seeds Oracle, Tarot of the Old Path, Wild Unknown Tarot, Guided Hand Tarot, Goddesses of the New Light, Aura-Soma Tarot, the Light Seer's Tarot and the Vessel Oracle. I highly recommend these decks.