Honouring the shifting seasons by going out and creating a nature mandala is a really wonderful practice. No mandala will ever be the same, and I love how connected to the earth I feel.

These photos are from last year’s Autumn Equinox and I’m looking forward to going out on Thursday to create a new one!


2015-09-23-18-15-15How to Create Your Own Mandala

  1. Go for a walk and gather whatever you find that catches your eye. Don’t forget your camera to take photos!
  2. Be sure to respectfully only take what you need. Optional: You may want to bring bird seed or water you’ve blessed to make offerings.
  3. Find a quiet place to sit down and begin placing what you’ve gathered in circular patterns on the ground.
  4. Take as long as you’d like to meditate with you nature mandala before heading back.

2015-09-23-18-21-59 2015-09-23-18-19-30Our mandala was made with yellow snap dragons, golden rod, blueberries, lupin seed pods, some purple thistles, twigs and greenery.

We sat on the ocean cliffs near where we live. We could see the moon rising over the ocean. It felt truly magical. After a nice conversation with some of our new neighbours (and their very joyful running dog), we left feeling more grounded and connected to each other and our new home.

I’d love to see your nature mandalas! Use #enchantyoureveryday on Instagram to connect!