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1. Sage Intuitive Tarot School is now a Three Year program beginning January 7, 2019.

2. I’ve retired Sage Priestess Self-Study into the Priestess Certification Program (i.e. it is now only available for Priestess students)

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 Important Dates & Info

Registration Period for Tarot School: October 11, 2018 to January 22, 2018

Tarot School Begins: January 7, 2019

Tarot School Registration Closes: January 22, 2019


Registration Period for 2019 Priestess: TBA

2019 Priestess Begins: TBA

2019 Priestess Registration Closes: TBA


Swipe Copy for Tarot School

I’m including some sharable copy for Newsletters & Facebook/Instagram. Feel free to mix and match the copy and use it in a way that feels good to you. The best sharing comes from the heart and I know how busy you are so I want to make this as easy as possible! Feel free to adjust and write in a way that suits your voice and your community. Please don’t alter or filter the graphics.

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The hashtag I use for tarot is: #sageintuitivetarotschool


  • We live in times where knowing and loving who you are is absolutely necessary to stepping up and doing compassionate work in the world. When you know and accept all of who you are, you become a great and loving vehicle of service.
  • Vanessa Sage, PhD has guided hundreds of tender souls through immersive and year-long transformational programs over the last four years. She’s an engaged and gentle leader who is highly skilled at supporting people through deep transformations with ease.
  • Whether you’re a healer, coach, alternative health practitioner, teacher, energy worker, or want to use the tarot in your personal spiritual and creative practice, the work you do in this school will increase your confidence and self-mastery in your life and the lives of your clients.
  • Working with tarot is a beautiful act of integration, self-care, and soul healing. Sage Intuitive Tarot School guides you on a spacious three-year immersive soul journey to your personal & professional evolution.
  • Sage Intuitive Tarot School is founded on the principle that tarot is an initiatory practice and healing tool that serves to deepen your connection to yourself and others.
  • Tarot is a tool for profound change, and in this evolving world, it facilitates personal and social growth. Tarot is a complete system for true intimacy and compassion.
  • You can use tarot in workshops, courses, and circles. It’s also an extremely useful mentoring and coaching tool. You may also want to read tarot professionally, and this school will help you increase your skills as a reader. It’s extremely important to me that tarot is used responsibly and ethically with clients, and by the end of the program you can be confident that you’re practicing in ways that truly help empower people.
  • Tarot is a tool that you can use to access your inner wisdom and intuition every day. Use it to spark dialogue and creativity, plan projects, and seek divine guidance. On a soul level, tarot is a portal to your higher consciousness. It’s a bridge between the worlds & a practical way to create magic!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing!

Sage Intuitive Tarot School Graphics

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Decks Pictured:

  1. Tarot of the Spirit (all photos pictured with drum)
  2. Priestess from The Minoan Tarot (taken at the Palace of Knossos) and The Hermit from The Sasuraibito Tarot (taken in Delphi)
  3. The Hermit from the Mesquite Tarot and The Priestess from the Wild Unknown Tarot (both taken in Greece)
  4. The Three of Wands from the Wild Unknown Tarot (taken at the Temple of Athena in Delphi)

All photos are my own and taken by myself or my partner, Stacy Maskell.