I’m Vanessa Sage, PhD

Spiritual and Business Mentor, Cultural Anthropologist and Founder of Sage Priestess Certification Training

About Vanessa

My work focuses on self-compassion, inner-bravery, and discovering the mystery in our everyday lives.

I’ve been immersed in spirituality for over 25 years! I’m a Priestess, cultural anthropologist, spiritual and business mentor and a poet. 

What I’ve learned from years of guiding hundreds of tender souls from around the world through immersive and transformational programs is that when you know and accept all of who you are, you become a great and loving vehicle of service in the world.

I have a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from McMaster University. Over the course of my 10-year academic career, I’ve studied: Buddhism, goddess spirituality, pilgrimage, contemporary paganism, and how hope for a city was embodied in an arts scene.


I walk this path with you.

I’m inspired by many spiritual traditions, I do my own personal spiritual growth work, and am a highly sensitive introverted empath.

You’ll notice that I talk about the Goddess, drum, invite you to be seen and heard, and have a very intuitive participatory teaching style.

All the feelings are welcome and there’s a lot of laughter when we meet.


Mindful compassionate leadership

I am committed to building enriching, conscious and thriving community based on the principles of love, compassion, kindness and respect.

I believe we’re all leaders and have valuable things to learn from each other.


Honoring the ancient through modern practice

My work honors ancient lineages while moving the practice of priestessing forward to address social inequalities, environmental crises, and bring us back to a soul-centered animate world of wonder worth living in.

I’m interested in how I can more fully embrace my own ancestral and cultural lineages while also holding space for multiple gender expressions and peoples from around the world. I welcome people of all cultural and religious backgrounds to take part in this work! Please see our Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

You are invited to hold your own inner council & discover your inner divinity!

May you always know that you are meant to be exactly who you are in this world.