I’m Vanessa Sage, PhD

Spiritual and Business Mentor, Cultural Anthropologist and Founder of Sage Priestess Certification®

About Vanessa

Vanessa Sage, Ph.D. is a Priestess, Cultural Anthropologist, and Poet who brings a breath of fresh air and vital leadership to the re-emergence, reclamation, and cultural shift in Divine Feminine consciousness.

As an academic, business mentor and coach with over 20 years of experience, Vanessa guides creative spiritual visionaries through immersive and transformational programs to experience their true essence and sovereign power.


Vanessa combines a strong critical mind with a childlike sense of wonder (Kermit the Frog is her hero) to seek to understand multiple perspectives and remain hopeful in a challenging world.

Resilient, determined, and with an incredible ability to step out of her comfort zones, Vanessa is carving a new path for others to feel at ease in their own skins, find joy in the everyday, and live a life of peace and purpose.

Supporting Creative Spiritual Visionaries
To Step Into Their Destiny!


Honouring the Ancient through Modern Practice

My spiritual work honours ancient lineages while moving the practices forward to address social inequalities, environmental crises, and bring us back to a soul-centred animate world of wonder worth living in.

I am a Mystic Animist Priestess influenced by western & eastern mysticism, esoteric mystery traditions, hermeticism, alchemy, contemporary Paganism, Druidry, and Gnosticism.

I have an unwavering love for neolithic and ancient Goddess cultures found throughout the world, especially the Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern regions.


Weaving a New Future

As a body-positive queer femme engaged to my non-binary partner Stacy Maskell, I am interested in how I can more fully embrace and uplift a Divine Feminine way of being while also holding space for multiple gender expressions.

As a coach and evolutionary power practitioner, I am influenced by somatic and mindfulness-based approaches with a focus on positive psychology, resilience research, and a holistic view of living a meaningful life.

I have taken refuge in Buddhism, and am a Yoga and meditation practitioner. I am currently learning Ayurveda, qigong, astrology, sound healing, and the frame drum. I live in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Dr. Vanessa Sage’s CV
Anthropologist, Priestess, Author & Teacher

Global Online Teaching
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You are invited to hold your own inner council & discover your inner divinity!

May you always know that you are meant to be exactly who you are in this world.