About Vanessa Sage

My work focuses on self-compassion, inner-bravery, and discovering the mystery in our everyday lives.

Hi, I’m Vanessa Sage, Ph.D., and I’ve been immersed in spirituality for over 25 years! I’m a Priestess, a spiritual and business mentor, and a poet. I lead womxn around the world in Sage Priestess Certification® and run Sage Intuitive Tarot School and Behind the Magic, a sacred business mentorship program.

I love finding wonder in my everyday life, and comfort in a good book and a cup of tea.

I have a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from McMaster University and have published scholarly articles on Goddess Pilgrimage in Glastonbury, England and The Romantic Movement’s Influence on Contemporary Paganism. Over the course of my 10-year academic career, I studied: Buddhism, goddess spirituality, pilgrimage, contemporary paganism, and how hope for a city was embodied in an arts scene.

I care deeply about mindful compassionate leadership. I am committed to building enriching, conscious and thriving community based on the principles of love, compassion, kindness and respect.

My Aim is that You Experience:

  • A real felt sense of belonging and worthiness.
  • A greater experience of peace and purpose.
  • An increased connection to self, others and spirit.
  • A sense of wonder and awe in the everyday.
  • Deep healing that comes from your own empowered knowing.
  • Embodying a true acceptance of oneself as powerful and beautiful!

I’m multi-passionate and bring my whole heart and mind to the table. Over the last 8 years, I’ve taught insight meditation and trained as a neuropsychology and positive psychology life coach with an emphasis on mindfulness.

I’m a business strategist with an emphasis on authentic and connected marketing and soul-centred online education. I have a successful business that sustains my family, allows me to travel and serve hundreds of people from around the world in transformational programs.

I walk this path with you and am a highly sensitive introverted empath.

I’m a radiant leader who pours the tea and holds space for all the feelings.

I follow an earth path and honour the ancient lineage of serving the Goddess as part of a reclamation of the sacred in all forms.

I see the world as animistic and interconnected. Nature is where I find a mystical connection with spirit. I am an everyday earth mystic.

My Priestessing honours ancient lineages while moving the practice forward to address social inequalities, environmental crises, and bring us back to a soul-centred animate world of wonder worth living in.

I’m interested in how I can more fully embrace my own ancestral and cultural lineages while also holding space for multiple gender expressions and peoples from around the world.

I’m especially interested in (but not limited to) exploring European, Indo-European and Ancient Mediterranean cultural lineages as they pertain to Goddess worship, the Divine Feminine, Priestessing, Gnostic Christianity, Western Esotericism, Paganism, Mysticism and Animism.

I welcome people of all cultural and religious backgrounds to take part in this work! Please see our Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

I believe we’re all leaders and have valuable things to learn from each other.

I invite you to be seen and heard and I have a very intuitive participatory teaching style.

There may also be an appearance or two of Kermit the Frog!

All the feelings are welcome in my work, we go deep, and there’s a lot of laughter when we meet.

You are invited to hold your own inner council & discover your inner divinity!  
May you always know that you are meant to be exactly who you are in this world.

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Fun Facts

  • Blue is my favourite colour.
  • Lavender, rose, cedar and salt air are my favourite scents.
  • I adore flowers but can’t seem to grow them or keep plants alive.
  • Poetry is my first loveI not-so-secretly wish we lived in a world where poets made as much money as lawyers. Pass it on!
  • I don’t have my driver’s licence. Sometimes I think I skipped a step into adulthood but who I am I kidding I have a hard time not looking up at the sky when I’m on a bike!
  • My first fieldwork experience was when I was an undergrad and I decided to go to Glastonbury to study Goddess pilgrimage. I published a paper on my work and presented the research at Cambridge University. That was pretty neat!
  • I once proposed to do my graduate work in England on how spirituality takes material form in trees, crop circles, stained glass and ruins. I still want to do that research.
  • In a former life, I was a stage manager, and co-founded and managed a successful Shakespeare in the park theatre company.
  • I’m super goofy, have an ironic sense of humour, and I offer tea and cookies (virtual or otherwise) whenever I can!
  • …And Kermit the Frog is my hero. Seriously, he was the first dreamer to come into my life and say that dreaming is worth doing. Plus, he’s a bit of a worry wort which made me feel normal. Feeling normal when you really feel green is great!

“To say working with Vanessa changed my life is a bit of an understatement.  The teaching Vanessa offers and the way she holds space has healed my soul and brought me back to myself in so many ways.”

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Note: All photos are my own and were taken by my partner Stacy Maskell or myself.

The cards from the Sasuraibito Tarot were taken in Greece on my first pilgrimage there. I highly recommend this deck.